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CRE advantages

To boost your growth, think export!

MDxp is an authorized operator providing international support to small and mid-size french companies eligible in
"Chèque Relance Export" .

Our services are potentially eligible for 50% coverage and up to a ceiling:

- up to 2000€ for an individual support service: export audit and diagnosis, structuring of the export strategy, market prioritization, individual prospecting, communication, market research, etc...
- up to 1500€ for a collective support service to target markets: collective prospecting, professional meetings, etc.
- up to 2500€ for participation in a France pavilion at an international trade fair.

Since April 1st, 2021, small and mid-size french companies have the freedom to use 4 export stimulus checks indifferently for collective actions or for individual actions , always under the same eligibility conditions.

To access the application file: click here
To access the list of "Chèque relance export" eligible services: click here


1 / Send your request to chequerelanceexport@businessfrance.fr
and attach the following documents:

• The CRE request form (as far back as possible end of mission)
• Your quote (signed or not)
• Attestation De Minimis ( download here )
• Tax regularity certificate
• Social regularity certificate
• Kbis

2 / once your file has been accepted, send us the confirmation with our signed quote

3 / when the service is finished, MDxp will provide you with an end of mission certificate

4 / once the invoice has been paid, send an email to chequerelanceexport@businessfrance.fr, with the paid invoice as an attachment, as well as the MDxp mission end certificate in order to request reimbursement of the service (as a precaution, also attach your RIB as well as the confirmation of support received upstream).

For more information on how it works, or if you would like to be supported in this process, contact us by phone at +336 03 17 92 45 (M. Mathieu CHARLEUX) or by email using the form below:

I acknowledge that the information may be used with the legal notice and the rules of use of my Personal Data, that I have read and accepted.

Thank you for your interest in our team and its know-how!

We will do everything possible to help you in your process, and will contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your attention, and take care of yourself!

MDxp team.