Our goal is to support innovative medical device companies in their strategies and international business development.Medtech strategy and business development | MDxp

Medtech specialists

Medtech entrepreneurs are the new explorers of our times.
Our goal is to support innovative medical device companies in their strategies and international business development.

What We Do

Assurance Prospection Accompagnement

MDxp helps you to obtain the "Assurance Prospection Accompagnement" financed by BPI France, Team France Export and the French government.


starting out in export? BPI France, Team France Export and the French government provide financial support to finance your first prospecting actions up to a guaranteed budget of 40,000 euros.

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To boost your growth, think export!

MDxp is an authorized operator providing international support
to small and mid-size french companies eligible for
"Chèque Relance Export".

MDxp authorized operator Chèque Relance Export

Coverage up to 50% and within the limit of a ceiling depending on the services.

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From a concept to an international company we offer a wide array of solutions.

This is what we do at MDxp.
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Marketing Strategy - MDxp services


Understanding your ecosystem is usually the 1st step for a successful product launch. This can help you bring your product to market faster, determine the countries to enter first, communicate wisely and taking into full consideration your competition, the regulatory landscape, pricing and reimbursement schemes. All essential elements in the area of medical devices.

With our network of experts, MDxp will be able to assist you, from a market opportunity assessment to a very detailed market segmentation and adapted communication plan.

This is what we do at MDxp.

Sales Strategy - MDxp services


For a young innovative company, expanding sales globally may seem like an unattainable goal, a daunting task, and recruiting a team for it, way too expensive. Yet, investments can quickly become very profitable.
MDxp is here to support you in your first international steps by providing you with a wide network of experts with years of experience in the lifesciences field.
Derisking markets, reducing the initial investments, making the right contacts, supporting you in your initial discussions, managing your distributors, training your teams to finally fly on your own ... these are our areas of expertise.

This is what we do at MDxp.

Operational Management - MDxp services


(Distribution Channel Management)

Rely on our experts to identify which international markets to enter for your medical device, as well as have us manage the day-to-day operations with your distributors.

And not forgetting putting in place the right tools to support your international growth.

This is what we do at MDxp.

Healthcare Market - MDxp services


(regulatory, reimbursement ...)

You have questions regarding the regulatory strategy or roadmap for your device, whether or not your device can obtain a reimbursement, what kind of clinical data to put together. The sister company of MDxp - MD101 - can help you reach these objectives.
Bringing your device to market faster in full compliance with the regulatory obligations.

This is what we do at MDxp.

Training sessions

Marketing Strategy - MDxp services

MDxp & MD101

MDxp has put together, with its sister company MD101, a list of complementary training modules for medical device professionals looking to expand their business worldwide.

This is what we do at MDxp.

Our modules

MDxp meets MD101

MDxp and MD101 alliance services

MD101 has assisted more than 500 medical device manufacturers (all types of devices, of all classes) over the past 8 years. Working from a concept all the way to its market approval, MD101 has been a truly reliable partner for its clients with over 50 experts in France, 30 worldwide and 20 business partners providing complementary services.

The services of MD101 evolve around four pillars :

1. Quality Assurance,
2. Regulatory Affairs,
3. Clinical Strategy,
4. Reimbursement Strategy.

The unique positioning of MD101 on the market makes it a strong reliable service provider to all medtech companies, from startups to multinational organizations.

MDxp is today working closely with MD101 to help those manufacturers wanting to bring their technologies to market with the help of distributors. Being Medtech specialists, we thrive in working on sales & marketing strategies, working on business plans, developing the right international sales strategy, managing distribution channels .... The complementarity is logical & of high added-value to our clients.

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MD101 consulting france - connections for care

Sponsor of TrekInGazelles

MDxp and MD101 join to support the amazing TIG!

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MDxp founders

MDxp - Mathieu CHARLEUX


Mathieu brings over 18 years of experience in international business development and international marketing of innovative medical devices. Having extensive experience both with startups and large organizations, his ambitions are to constantly bring value to his clients while at the same time help to bring innovative devices to market for the benefit of patients.

MDxp - Roamin GRASSET


Romain brings more than 10 years experience in international sales, primarily focused on Asian markets (Japan, South Korea, China, Taïwan, Singapore), India and Australia. For the past 7 years, he has focused on the management of international distributors as well as the management and implementation of complex technical projects. Having a deep knowledge in the field of imaging software, he is today actively working hand-in-hand with R&D teams of our clients, industrial partners, local distributors and end-users.

MDxp - Jérôme DUCROUX


Web developer for more than 15 years now, Jérôme has collaborated on more than a hundred web projects, specializing in supporting companies to develop their online business.
Today, he puts his skills entirely at the disposal of MDxp, MD101 and EMT.

The experts

We've put together a team of experts to assist our medtech clients. They come from various regions of the globe (Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East) with experiences in international sales in areas such as (not limited to) neuromodulation, chronic pain, breast implants, radiofrequency ablation, orthobiologics, spine surgery, orthopedic surgery, incontinence, sacral nerve stimulation, cardiac imaging, post-processing imaging software, rehabilitation devices...

Claire FRASSE - MDxp expert


  • Market Access Strategy
  • Mini-invasive surgery
  • Innovative medical equipment
  • International sales & marketing
  • Europe
Frédéric Badez - MDxp expert


  • Distribution channel management
  • Spain/Portugal
  • South America
Pascal GAND - MDxp expert


  • Medical Device Industry
  • International Sales & Marketing
  • EMEA, India
Ahmad MIHYAR - MDxp expert


  • Medical Device
  • International Business Development
  • Distribution channel management
  • Middle East
Frédéric PLONQUET - MDxp expert


  • Orthopedics
  • International Business Development
  • Europe
  • North America
Najoi BETTACHE - MDxp expert


  • Global marketing
  • International business
  • In vitro diagnostics
  • Medical devices
  • Middle-East
Marco AGRATI - MDxp expert


I am a biomedical engineer and MBA graduated with 15+ years of experience in the Medtech industry. During my career with a global medical device company I’ve successfully grown in various sales and marketing roles across different business units in the EMEA and North America regions developing a deep knowledge of the medtech market and building a wide clinical and non clinical stakeholders network in the following therapeutic areas: neuromodulation, spinal disorders, pain, physical medicine and elderly care.

  • Medical device
  • Marketing Strategy
  • EMEA
  • North America
Sébastien PIAT - MDxp expert


  • Medical Device
  • Pharma
  • Single use innovative solution
  • Distribution channel management
  • Europe - Africa
Chresten CHRISTENSEN - MDxp expert


  • Medical Devices
  • Hospital supplies
  • WW experience
  • Market access
  • Company set-up
  • Full organizational development
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Latin America
Aymeric Harmant - MDxp expert


  • Go-to-Market Strategies and Implementation:
  • Marketing and Positioning
  • Project Management
  • Leadership management
  • Europe
Phil Bradshaw - MDxp expert


  • Sales and business strategy
  • Project Management
  • Leadership management
  • Europe - ANZ Regions
Jevgenija PURANE - MDxp expert


  • New product launch
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing campaigns
  • KOL & Advocacy
  • Market development
  • Europe & russian speaking countries

Our partners

They joined us in the adventure and bring high added-value to our clients and great service.

ICOSA - an intellectual property firm dedicated to the Health sector.

ICOSA - an intellectual property firm dedicated to the Health sector.

ICOSA is an intellectual property firm dedicated to the Health sector.

Learn more about ICOSA

Bignon Lebray - legal documents (distribution agreement template) for medical device startups

Bignon Lebray - legal documents (distribution agreement template) for medical device startups

Our team dedicated to public health has developed specific savoir-faire and advises figures from this market throughout their projects: ensuring that the strategy is consistent with legal and regulatory frameworks, advising founders on choosing a suitable legal structure, assistance in the social management of strategic reorganisation, acquisition or transmission of essential intellectual property for these kinds of projects, protection of enterprise-specific knowledge, marketing of products and, if required, assistance with litigations.

Learn more about Bignon Lebray

Audit&Risk Solutions - insurance broker specialized in medtech

Audit&Risk Solutions - insurance broker specialized in medtech

Audit & RiskSolutions is an insurance broker dedicated to Life Sciences industry including biotechnologies companies, medical device manufacturers, laboratories, contract and clinical research facilities, pharmaceutical companies.
They provide their clients with a wide range of insurance products such as property insurance, professional and product liability insurance, D&O, clinical trial insurance.

Learn more about Audit & RiskSolutions

Eurobiomed - lifesciences cluster assisting from fundamental research projects to bringing to market

Eurobiomed - lifesciences cluster assisting from fundamental research projects to bringing to market

EUROBIOMED is the lifesciences cluster of the south of France, assisting from fundamental research projects to bringing to market, for the benefit of patients.

Learn more about EUROBIOMED

Medtech Momentum

Medtech Momentum

MedTech Momentum is a full-service marketing firm, in business to craft and execute results-oriented online marketing strategies in the medical space. It has a partner for a number of years of MD101 & MDxp.

Learn more about Medtech Momentum



MEAMED, our partner in Middle-East, Africa and South Asia.
Since 2008, we supported established, emerging and start up medical devices manufacturers, to establish and/or develop a successful sales\distributor networks within the region.

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SPEBA INNOVATIONS, Bringing medical technologies closer to patients.
We at Speba are dedicated to introducing cutting-edge and innovative medical technologies, interfaced with e-solutions, helping healthcare professionals to better treat and care for their patients, and giving patients easy access to such advanced treatment modalities thus enabling them to take control of and manage their health themselves, their improved quality of life and leading normal or close to normal lives

Learn more about SPEBA INNOVATIONS

La French Tech

La French Tech

La French Tech is the French startup movement. A unique ecosystem that uses startups (therefore), but also investors, decision-makers and community builders. Our mission: to make France one of the most attractive countries in the world for startups who want to get started, conquer international markets and build a meaningful future. In video, it's better!

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Located in Strasbourg, PROTOMED is a contract service R&D company specialized in medical device design, development and testing. PROTOMED has spun-offs its device testing laboratory ProtomedLabs and has participated to many developments in minimally invasive surgery, single use devices, vascular and cardiac implants.
Its fablab includes prototyping machines (3D printers; CNC machines), test benches, control equipments and state of the art CAD software.

Learn more about PROTOMED

Futuro Perfecto europe

Futuro Perfecto europe

We support your innovation efforts by helping you obtain the financing you need to bring your company to the next level. We are specialized in EU funding schemes such as Horizon 2020, Eureka-Eurostars, ERA-NETs , Life and Interreg. We provide a range of services, from defining your funding strategy to writing your funding proposal.

Learn more about Futuro Perfecto

OCO Global

OCO Global

OCO Global is a technology-enabled advisory firm focused on trade, investment and economic development.

We work with our clients to ensure that their international business thrives, by delivering innovative and sustainable outcomes and connecting them to opportunities across the world that create prosperity, employment and economic growth.

Learn more about OCO Global


Here are some examples of medical devices we are working to bring to various markets with the help of qualified distributors.
If you are a distributor and see an interest, don't hesitate to drop us a line.

MDxp - Precise, pour procédures interventionnelles ostéoarticulaires

Precise ·
for osteoarticular interventional procedures

by Hirondelle medical

MDxp partner Hirondelle medical MDxp partner Hirondelle medicalHirondelle Medical has developed a unique platform bringing a new and simplified technique to osteoarticular interventional procedures.

Precise - Interventional Access Guide for interventional radiologists - has obtained its medical CE mark since May 2021.

Bringing the precision of medical imaging to orthopaedic surgery without needing robotics or navigation devices, our technology is the first of its kind to allow precise positioning and guidance for surgeons to position pedicle screws for complex spinal surgeries (deformity procedures). Adding key value for complex procedures, providing precision for implant positioning, improved workflow, and extending capabilities and range of procedures that cannot be performed today with robotic solutions.

We at Hirondelle Medical are focused on developing the next generation of safer, cost-efficient, and an alternative to existing robotic / navigation systems to simplify and improve orthopaedic interventions while improving clinical outcomes for patients around the world.

More information about Hirondelle Medical
MDxp - spinal implant, solutions ortho neurosurgeons

Spinal implant solutions
for ortho/neurosurgeons

by Arca Medica

MDxp partner Arca Medica MDxp partner Arca MedicaArca Medica, now part of Kroener Medical, is specialized in the engineering of implantable devices for spinal surgery.
Arca Medica stands for long-term success & the basis for its success is the dialogue with the people who use their products.

Arca Medica has today a broad range of spinal implants and associated instruments covering the cervical and lumbar spine, from cages to rods to screws and a long-term follow-up making it the ideal partner for spinal surgeons.

MDxp is covering different markets for Arca Medica and is constantly looking for independent distributors.

More information about Arca Medica
MDxp - VibraMOOV, Total solution for neurorehabilitation / Lower & upper limb

Early and intensive neurorehabilitation

by Techno Concept

MDxp partner Techno Concept MDxp partner Techno ConceptTotal solution for neurorehabilitation / Lower & upper limb: Control station with 12 wireless stimulators, Multiple sets of orthosis, Anti-gravity arms support, Legs lifter for bedridden patients, Stander.

Vibramoov technologies offer to healthcare professionals a unique opportunity to preserve & enhance sensory-motor functions of patients suffering from motor impairments.

More information about Techno Concept
MDxp - Medical image processing software for cardiovascular MRI

Medical image processing
software for cardiovascular MRI

by Casis

MDxp partner Casis MDxp partner CasisCasis Imaging develops dedicated cardiac imaging post-processing software with the CE-marked QIR medical image analysis software launched back in March 2017. Since then, it has been able to establish strong research partnerships with key institutions as well as close collaborations with key vendors in the industry.

MDxp assists the team at Casis Imaging to develop its presence worldwide with imaging centers and industry vendors.

More information about Cassis
MDxp - Medical walking aid device for Parkinson's Disease

Medical walking aid device
for Parkinson's Disease

by Resilient Innovation

MDxp partner Resilient Innovation MDxp partner Resilient InnovationResilient Innovations has developed a rehabilitation solution for locomotor disorders related to Parkinson's disease.
This neurological rehabilitation method consists in establishing an artificial rhythm by using external rhythmic sound stimulation. The close relationship between the auditory system and the motor system can explain the beneficial effects observed during an RAS (Rythmic Auditory Stimulation).

MDxp assists the team at Resilient Innovations to promote the Walk device to distributors and partners worldwide.

Many studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of this technique in Parkinson's disease and its benefits in improving conventional spatio-temporal walking parameters such as speed or stride length.

More information about Resilient Innovation
MDxp - knee rehabilitation assistant

Knee rehabilitation

by Ted Orthopedics

MDxp partner Ted Othopedics MDxp partner Ted OthopedicsTed Orthopedics has developed an innovative connected knee brace device. This device aids patients for their home rehabilitation exercises, providing real-time biofeedbacks to combat dynamic valgus, work extension, proprioception and much more !!
Following ACL (rupture and sprain of ligaments), meniscus (meniscal lesions and cracks), osteoarthritis (untreated knee arthritis), hip prosthesis (partial and total), knee rehabilitation (ligament and tendon problems), knee prosthesis (unicompartmental and total), the Ted device is the perfect device for rehabilitation.

MDxp assists Ted Orthopedics in developing its presence through distributors in key markets and approaching potential partners.

More information about Ted
MDxp - WAYVIO, the future smart instrumentation starts here

future of
smart instrumentation

by Wayvio

MDxp partner Wayvio MDxp partner WayvioThe world is changing faster than ever and so are the market’s expectations.

Following an enriching incubation period amongst the Intech Teams, the time has come for Wayvio to differentiate itself, stand on its own two feet. As a key player in smart instrumentation, we are more than ever on track to drive the industry, and to bring innovation to the next level. We are on the verge of taking on a new identity to better embody the future, our future…

More information about Wayvio
MDxp - REVINAX, expert training at scale

Immersive tutorials for healthcare providers
and specialized nurses

by Revinax

MDxp partner REVINAX MDxp partner REVINAXImmersive tutorials for healthcare providers and specialized nurses - Learn, review, and maintain your skills.

Step into the shoes of a registered nurse anywhere, anytime.

The mirror neuron effect means that total immersion from a first person perspective activates the same neurons in the person viewing the activity as in the person actually doing the activity.
This effect results in better understanding and improves our ability to perform technical procedures.

More information about REVINAX

MDxp is member of OSCI

MDxp is member of OSCI

The OSCI is the federation of private companies dedicated to the international development of companies.

Whatever their size, their expertise and their geographical presence, our members work alongside managers and their teams, players in international trade and across the entire value chain of the internationalization of French companies.

Their specialized services by trade, geographical sector or sector of activity make it possible to support strategic thinking and ensure the international deployment of French exporting companies.

OSCIs share common expertise in the field and a culture of results that make them natural partners for companies.

Learn more about OSCI


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