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MDxp - spinal implant, solutions ortho neurosurgeons

Spinal implant solutions
for ortho/neurosurgeons

The System for Dynamic Stabilization

The titanium implant is implanted after decompressing surgery of lumbar canal stenosis and also when the facet joints are arthrotic. The implant stabilizes the operated segment and preserves its flexibility. Patients quickly regain both their flexibility as well their stability.

The contentment of the patients after the operations and the simplicity of the surgical procedure are the main reasons for the success of Le U.

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MDxp - Medical image processing software for cardiovascular MRI

Medical image processing
software for cardiovascular MRI

Cassis provide products and services to meet your needs in medical image processing.

QIR (Quantified Imaging Resource) is a medical image analysis software dedicated to the extraction of the main physiological parameters of cardiovascular MRI.
The QIR suite includes modules dedicated to specific studies: a viewer, the study of cardiac function, the study of perfusion (first pass and delay enhancement), and the study of the aorta.

Anim’Heart is a software dedicated to small animal cardiac MRI image analysis.

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MDxp - Medical walking aid device for Parkinson's Disease

Medical walking aid device
for Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease,move freely again with WALK!A rehabilitation solution for locomotor disorders related to Parkinson's disease

The benefits of rhythmic auditory stimulation, accessible to everyone.
Reliable technology, easy to use for patients, caregivers and health professionals.
The WALK is already helping hundreds of people to walk better.
Discover the results of WALK for 7 days, without engagement.

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MDxp - knee rehabilitation assistant

Knee rehabilitation

Ted makes knee rehabilitation easier. Thanks to thier smart rehab assistant, they offer the patient home based rehabilitation with professional follow up.
Thanks to its advanced patented motion analysis technology, Ted monitors the patient in real time, for his safety and motivation.

Ted Orthopedics has always had a patient focused approach. They work hard to create the technology that will make your life easier when it matter the most. So when you are in pain, you get the care you deserve.

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MDxp - Quantified and Visual Gait Analysis

Quantified and Visual
Gait Analysis

KinTracK, the first product of EKINNOX, is a medical device for quantified and visual gait analysis for caregivers in rehabilitation facilities.

On a medical trolley with a computer and a camera, our solution computes the main spatio-temporal gait parameters and provides a powerful visual analysis platform thanks to the 2D and 3D videos.

Evaluate objectively the physical capacities of your patients and track the evolution in time thanks to the computation of the main gait parameters.
Store and consult the videos of your patient in High Definition and benefit from powerful video functionnalities so that you don't miss anything.
Results are available in less than 5 minutes and evaluation reports are generated automatically.

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