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MDxp - spinal implant, solutions ortho neurosurgeons

Spinal implant solutions
for ortho/neurosurgeons

by Arca Medica

MDxp partner Arca Medica MDxp partner Arca MedicaArca Medica, now part of Kroener Medical, is specialized in the engineering of implantable devices for spinal surgery.
Arca Medica stands for long-term success & the basis for its success is the dialogue with the people who use their products.

Arca Medica has today a broad range of spinal implants and associated instruments covering the cervical and lumbar spine, from cages to rods to screws and a long-term follow-up making it the ideal partner for spinal surgeons.

MDxp is covering different markets for Arca Medica and is constantly looking for independent distributors.

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MDxp - VibraMOOV, Total solution for neurorehabilitation / Lower & upper limb

Early and intensive neurorehabilitation

by Techno Concept

MDxp partner Techno Concept MDxp partner Techno ConceptTotal solution for neurorehabilitation / Lower & upper limb: Control station with 12 wireless stimulators, Multiple sets of orthosis, Anti-gravity arms support, Legs lifter for bedridden patients, Stander.

Vibramoov technologies offer to healthcare professionals a unique opportunity to preserve & enhance sensory-motor functions of patients suffering from motor impairments.

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MDxp - Medical image processing software for cardiovascular MRI

Medical image processing
software for cardiovascular MRI

by Casis

MDxp partner Casis MDxp partner CasisCasis Imaging develops dedicated cardiac imaging post-processing software with the CE-marked QIR medical image analysis software launched back in March 2017. Since then, it has been able to establish strong research partnerships with key institutions as well as close collaborations with key vendors in the industry.

MDxp assists the team at Casis Imaging to develop its presence worldwide with imaging centers and industry vendors.

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MDxp - Medical walking aid device for Parkinson's Disease

Medical walking aid device
for Parkinson's Disease

by Resilient Innovation

MDxp partner Resilient Innovation MDxp partner Resilient InnovationResilient Innovations has developed a rehabilitation solution for locomotor disorders related to Parkinson's disease.
This neurological rehabilitation method consists in establishing an artificial rhythm by using external rhythmic sound stimulation. The close relationship between the auditory system and the motor system can explain the beneficial effects observed during an RAS (Rythmic Auditory Stimulation).

MDxp assists the team at Resilient Innovations to promote the Walk device to distributors and partners worldwide.

Many studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of this technique in Parkinson's disease and its benefits in improving conventional spatio-temporal walking parameters such as speed or stride length.

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MDxp - knee rehabilitation assistant

Knee rehabilitation

by Ted Orthopedics

MDxp partner Ted Othopedics MDxp partner Ted OthopedicsTed Orthopedics has developed an innovative connected knee brace device. This device aids patients for their home rehabilitation exercises, providing real-time biofeedbacks to combat dynamic valgus, work extension, proprioception and much more !!
Following ACL (rupture and sprain of ligaments), meniscus (meniscal lesions and cracks), osteoarthritis (untreated knee arthritis), hip prosthesis (partial and total), knee rehabilitation (ligament and tendon problems), knee prosthesis (unicompartmental and total), the Ted device is the perfect device for rehabilitation.

MDxp assists Ted Orthopedics in developing its presence through distributors in key markets and approaching potential partners.

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